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Who We Are
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What We Believe


We have built our business on open and honest communication with suppliers, wholesale vendors, customers, and team members. All customer inquiries are answered quickly and thoroughly.  


We operate our business to high standards and partner with professionals and trusted software in the areas of accounting, taxes, inventory management, human resources, and order fulfillment. We highly value the online marketplaces through which we are able to provide products for sale, and follow the guidelines set forth by each to ensure our sales accounts are in good standing. We also highly value our wholesale vendors and are committed to strictly adhering to MAP policies enacted by them in order to protect their brands. 


We highly value relationships with our team members, suppliers, vendors, and the professionals with which we partner. Building and maintaining strong relationships has helped our business grow and will continue to be a cornerstone of our operations. 

Family First

As a small, family-owned business, we are committed to a family first atmosphere for our team members. As an online business, we have the flexibility to allow some team members to work from home, take time off to care for themselves, ill family members, or to attend their kids extracurricular activities. We strongly believe that when your team members feel valued, they will more highly value your business. 

Checking Inventory
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